Wheelz is a comedic web series about a tragically underemployed millennial and aspiring actress in Los Angeles who drives for a ride-sharing service called Wheelz. The whole series takes place inside the car, following her journey as she deals with an array of absurd Angelenos, one ride at a time.

Inspiration: Unemployment rates are on a continual rise and a college degree, graduate degree, and fancy resume are no longer a guarantee for sustainable employment. As a product of the “millennial” generation, I have experienced first hand the plight of our present economic circumstances. There is so much that seems to be working against us, however the rise of the “ride-share revolution” has provided an employment opportunity which represents a generational shift out of the shackles of the traditional 9-5 model. Companies like Uber and Lyft are at the forefront of what I believe will be a welcomed transition into our future job market. Over the past couple of years, I have been inspired by the many Uber and Lyft drivers that I have had the pleasure of meeting, many of whom are actors, artists, and entrepreneurs who use the flexibility of their job to live out their dreams and aspirations. It was these encounters and many of these drivers personal stories that inspired me to write this series.

The Wheelz Team:
Directed by Ruth Du
Written by Chelsey Donn, Rebecca Hirsch & Maggie Levin
Starring Chelsey Donn, Rebecca Hirsch, Kether Donohue, Jessica Andres, Stephen Ellis, Yara Figueroa and … more casting to be announced soon!